Thursday, October 8, 2009


Missed my mornin walk with Cheri but my short walk to the Post Office cleared my fuzzy head a little bit. Im amazed at how many thoughts can run through my mind in such a short time...First in my mind is how lucky I am to have met a great guy that is so amazingly patient and understanding, even when I dont see it hes thinking of me. He gave me the most amazing gift last night. It was just one word but it filled my heart.. Hope He has hope for us.. That's how he sticks with me. I put him through a lot, but he sees the big picture better than I do sometimes and I am so grateful to him for that. i gotta slow it down a bit I get so excited about doing something that I make it more complicated than it needs to be and I end up screwing it up. Its never my intention to to that, I just try too hard for some reason. I realized last night how much I can dominate a conversation, I made an effort (although small) to learn something about his world. I asked him about his move at work and as simple as it was I was SO HAPPY to be hearing about his world away from "us". I really gotta start asking him more about him.. He is such a great guy.. I do deserve him... I just need to appreciate him more.. MUAH!!
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