Monday, August 17, 2009

Thoughts on Big Brother

Today at lunch Cheri asked me if I was watching Big Brother yet.. Hell no!! But it got me to thinking How long do you think I would last on Big Brother?? it took her about .5 seconds to say 4 days..
WHAT? 4 days?? oh no no no I am much more manipulative, conniving and devious than she gives me credit for.
I am one of those that takes my time to circle my prey for awhile before I attack, so i guess I would have to charm the girls and try to convince the guys the girls wanted them..basically the pimp for all the heteros OR maybe just offer the boys contraband booze so they wouldn't kick my homo ass out of there too soon? In any case I dont think I would last too long.. some of those challenges they ask the house mates to do? Miss Chen? Bitch please i dont have energy for those reindeer games just to get HOH?? whatever why would I want a room all to myself when I could share a room with all the guyz?

So then my bumper car brain starts to wonder.. why doesnt Logo Channel have a gay Big Brother type show? OK again .5 seconds Cheri says are you kidding?? all those queens would kill each other week one.. then she states the more realistic answer... because it would just turn into one big orgy. So again I ask why doesnt Logo have a gay Big Brother type show? and where do I sign up??
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