Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some nice thoughts.

We never get what we want,
We never want what we get,
We never have what we like,
We never like what we have.
And still we live & love.
That's life...

The best kind of friends,
Is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with,
Never say a word,
And then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.

It's true that we don't know
What we've got until it's gone,
But it's also true that we don't know
What we've been missing until it arrives..

Giving someone all your love is never an assurance
that they'll love you back!
Don't expect love in return;
Just wait for it to grow in their heart,
But if it doesn't, be content it grew in yours.

It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone,
An hour to like someone,
And a day to love someone,
But it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

Don't go for looks; they can deceive.
Don't go for wealth; even that fades away.
Go for someone who makes you smile,
Because it takes only a smile to
Make a dark day seems bright.
Find the one that makes your heart smile!

May you have
Enough happiness to make you sweet,
Enough trials to make you strong,
Enough sorrow to keep you human,
And enough hope to make you happy.

Always put yourself in others' shoes.
If you feel that it hurts you,
It probably hurts the other person, too.

The happiest of people
Don't necessarily have the best of everything;
They just make the most of everything that comes along their way.

Happiness lies for
Those who cry,
Those who hurt,
Those who have searched,
And those who have tried,
For only they can appreciate the importance of people
Who have touched their lives.

When you were born, you were crying
And everyone around you was smiling.
Live your life so that when you die,
You're the one who is smiling
And everyone around you is crying.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dame Elizabeth

I cant remember when I first heard of Elizabeth Taylor, but I know I was VERY young, and completely infatuated right away. I think it was because when my mother was young, people used to compare her looks to Elizabeth Taylor and I thought it was so cool that my Mom was as beautiful as a famous movie star! (thats Mom on the left just below here)

I read every book I could get my hands on about Elizabeth, I saw every movie available on VHS tape. When she was on General Hospital Mom let me stay home from school (I actually stayed at Grandmas that day) to watch it. Mom surprised me for my birthday with tickets to see Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the play Private Lives

Elizabeth Taylor has always been a friend to the gay community, and life long friends with many gay men in Hollywood Roddy McDowalll, Montgomery Clift, Rock Hudson, just to name a few. At her acceptance speech at the 11th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in 2000, Elizabeth Taylor said, ”There is no gay agenda, it’s a human agenda,” and added, ”Why shouldn’t gay people be able to live as open and freely as everybody else? What it comes down to, ultimately, is love. How can anything bad come out of love? The bad stuff comes out of mistrust, misunderstanding and, God knows, from hate and from ignorance.”

Elizabeth has had her ups and downs both in her personal life and her career. Although she was knighted a Dame by The Queen of England (Elizabeth's birth country) she really was a regular ol gal with a big heart. Watching her triumphs and failures throughout her life was a reminder this beautiful woman, wasn't too different than the rest of us.

Elizabeth believed her best moments weren't in front of the camera or on stage, but it was her work in the very beginning stages of the AIDS epidemic. Elizabeth organized the first fund raising dinner in Hollywood, at a time when the President of the US wouldn't even say the word AIDS, Elizabeth Taylor was out there asking people for money. Where would we be today if it weren't for Elizabeth Taylor?

This is a great site that details all of the work Elizabeth did both in her professional life and personal life, this link will take you to the page detailing all of her work with AIDS organizations Dame Elizabeth Taylor