Monday, July 26, 2010

What can I say.

I havent been blogging lately.. I have some stuff to get off my chest and some things brag about, some things to "work out", and feelings to share, but I have a need and a request to keep some things a little more private lately. Im glad I have good friends that will listen to me and talk it out with me..

Ill be back to y'all soon.. I just need to find the right "voice" to express my thoughts and feelings without saying too much

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hannah Montana should EAT CORN


What the hell is happening? Maybe i watch the news too much? Maybe I care too much about Hannah Montana??


Gas is up.53 cents from last year but half of that increase just happened in the last 4 months. Unemployment is up with all the layoffs from major companies moving factory's and production overseas, home foreclosures are up 112% from a year ago, the bad news doesnt stop.

Y'all ready for this??
Maybe the biggest problem we are facing now is all because of corn.. Yep thats right CORN!! Ethanol fuel is made from corn, and farmers are getting government subsidies for growing corn. That means farmers are switching their existing fruit and veggie crops to corn. That means the supply of other "farm grown products" (fruit, veggies, beef, pork) is less but the demand is the same. so what does that mean?? Prices go up..

You would think that with all the corn being produced right now that any product derived from corn or corn products would be cheap... but they aint. . Almost 3,000 different products in the grocery store contain corn products, everything from adhesives to whiskey the farmers are growing all this corn for ethanol production, and that doesn't leave a lot left over for food products. so what did we just learn?? supply vs demand yeah yeah you got it

The price of corn tortillas is up 50% eggs are up 40%,(chickens eat corn) and the nearly 3,000 other items with corn are sure to see price increases soon.
Thank God I dont like corn.

The cost of hops has gone up 300 to 400 percent in the last 16 months.. talk about a tear in your beer!! i feel sorry for the rednecks that are not gonna be able to afford their Papst Blue Ribbon once prices go up.
Thank God I dont like Beer..

Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus and her internet photos then the Vanity Fair Photos.. I had my doubts about the "green bra" photo that has been going around the internet. a look alike or Photoshop?? But then i remembered shes only 15 years old, log onto MySpace and look up 15 year old girls profiles you'll find a majority of them have slutty pictures in their bras or tight midriff t-shirts with ass crack showin. its what kids do.. get over it!! If Miley were flashing us her bathing suit top under her t-shirt would we be upset?

The Vanity Fair photos have come out and the photo the media is making a big deal about is shown on the left below here... I don't see the problem.. I'm trying to recall the famous painting that this photo resembles?? maybe by Rembrandt? Let me know if you know what painting I'm referring to. I was more disturbed by the photo of her and her father. It looks like a boyfriend/girlfriend pic.. But i remembered Billy Ray used to have a mullet and we all know that a
Mullet = Redneck, and well i don't have to tell y'all the rest. Draw your own conclusions.. Hannah Montana is still a good girl ,plus her dad says shes the best kisser hes ever had. Now I REALLY want to be Hannah Montana, Billy Ray Cyrus can definitely be my Daddy!!

When I see the story of Miley's photos on every channel even the evening news...
It makes me very happy cuz I think WOW the war must be over???

Sunday, July 4, 2010

What goes up, must come down (My moods)

I cant believe its been so long since my last blog post.. There really has been a lot that has happened. All good stuff really. BUT tonight there is something on my mind and I gotta let it out.

This REALLY cute guy "showed up" on my Facebook friends list not too long ago. I really dont know how we became friends but based on his hotness level Im sure I was the one to send him a friend request. He comments and "likes" almost everything I post. Well this past week I was bold enough to invite him out to dinner before a movie night with friends, he agreed to meet up and I was both nervous and excited at the same time. Unfortunately he had some major issues at work and he had to postpone... Never once did I think it was an excuse or anything.. It all worked out for the best cuz that was the day I got sick at the Fair... I wasnt in the best state to be tryin to woo some stud..

ANYWAY tonight I went to Bacchus House for Bear night.. I had a blast hangin out with Trent & Lee, but this really cute guy walked by a couple of times and then finally he came up and said, "you look like Kurt".. Guess who it was? Yep, the really cute guy from Facebook.. BUT he was even cuter in person. Immediately I felt a little inadequate... Oh I guess I forgot to mention I was wearing a COOKIE MONSTER t-shirt.. Not the sexiest thing I could have worn.

He is handsome, fun, attentive, polite, etc etc.. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea that I was VERY interested in this guy. FINALLY he asked me to dance.. WHOA!!!just WHOA.. As we walked to the dance floor I made sure Errrryone of my friends saw me steppin on the dance floor wit him..

Heres where MY story starts to change.. This guy is so handsome and so sexy.. As soon as we hit the dance floor he takes his shirt off, he encourages me to do the same. SSSSCHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHH... My mood went into the pits right away. I dont look my best right now.. I dont have the confidence to take my shirt off. Do I think I could WOW this guy at a dinner table with conversation and my charm? ABSOLUTLEY!! Am I gonna win him over with my shirt off on the dance floor? Prolly not. ALTHOUGH he did mention several times he REALLY likes furry guys, and Im one of the most furriest guys I know. The guys on the dance floor at Bear night were SO HOT, there WAS NO WAY I could compete with them (not that he ever made me think I was in a competition) ARRRGH why does my mind fuck with me like this??

All in all it was a great night...HOWEVER one of the last things he said to me, almost made me give up.. I think I asked him something like, are ya gonna give me a chance to go out with you? (something like that) and he replied Sure, BUT ya gotta move quick, you have about 2 weeks to make your move (i am paraphrasing) He went on to say something about only being single about a month between relationships and hes been single for 2 weeks...... Ya know a few months ago or a year ago I would have just said oh fuck it.. he obviously isnt the right guy for me..and he may or may not be.. But ya never know til ya try... AND besides I did try to go out with him LAST week.... so shouldnt he be adding a week to my "deadline"????