Thursday, February 17, 2011

Your top 10

Remember back in the MySpace days you could pick your top 8 friends, and if someone didn't put you in their top 8 you'd be pissed?

About a month ago my therapist and I were discussing Facebook and she was shocked at the number of friends I had (at that time less then 1,000) She couldnt believe that I interacted with that many people on a regular basis so Just for fun we did a little "exercise". She had me list the first 10 Facebook friends (no particular order) that came to mind, then we went down the list and I had to tell her what they meant to me. Not who they are, but why they were important to me. It was surprising to me the people that I listed. I honestly dont remember the names of everyone but I could tell you 5 of them.. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.

1. My Mom
2. Cheri
3. Carl Mason
4 Sheridan Parsons
5 My Niece

2 of these people I have never even met, but they make me laugh and smile everyday.

You should try this.. Without looking at Facebook, list 10 people off the top of your head, then think of why they are important to you. Then tell them!!