Sunday, October 25, 2009

Its never too late to apologize

I knew it was wrong when I was writing it, I actually posted it and removed it 3 or 4 times, I went back and removed some stuff, added to it, etc etc.

I wont apologize for my thoughts or feelings, I stand by everything I said, BUT I should not have made them public, I definitely let my emotions get the better of me. As you may know Ive had some depression lately,the medication is finally kicking in and Im starting to balance out a bit.

Today I saw someone re-tweet something he said about me and it hurt, I then realized how much I must have hurt him with my thoughts and feelings put out there for everyone to see. Ive taken down the blogs I wrote about him, I have learned from this and I wont be making this mistake again. I also hope that our mutual friends will forgive me.

Cory, I know you read the blogs, I wish that I could take it away, and I wish that we had learned how to communicate with each other better. We moved too fast and we both made a lot of mistakes. I hope we can move forward although now i know we will probably never have a friendship. Ive made my bed, I have to suffer the consequences.
I AM sorry for posting the blogs about you.
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