Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My brain works in mysterious ways

This morning when I woke up I didn't have that overwhelming feeling of sadness. Its crept in slowly this morning, but not as bad as it has been. Im really craving some interaction with my ex. When ever you break up and things are all good between you it makes things slower in moving on. When all you can remember is the good times it makes you want more of those times together. We really didn't have too many bad times.. Actually there was only one and that was the night we broke up. Im obsessing over him a little bit Im sure. as I said in a previous post its like a drug for me.. I crave him, and sometimes a little dose of him gets me through the day. Last week it was so great he would send me encouraging messages and it made me feel really great. Weekends are his time to forget his worries and woes and let loose a bit so he isn't to communicative then. I don't even know where I am going with this right now.. I guess I'm just trying to type things out and work em out in my head. I just know that I really do miss him and the good times we had, I miss his smell, and I miss his arms around me at night. This past weekend was tough.. weekends were our time, and this was the first weekend without him... OK now Ive depressed myself..
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