Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Facebook Friends

Last night I was hanging out with some friends at their house having dinner and playing Wii, when one of them mentioned a mutual "friend" that also has a skin care business, and he told me he was moving back to his home state. I mentioned that I hadn't seen any Facebook posts from him recently and I was a little worried about him so I was gonna email him when I got back home.. Well a few minutes later my dinner host received a message saying I guess if I was posting 1,000 depressing posts everyday I would get an invite to your house for dinner too? WOW and this is a guy I was concerned about? When I got home I looked him up on Facebook and found that he had deleted me as a friend. This seems to be a common theme with me and people lately. In this case I'm fine with that, the only reason I had him as a friend was to keep an eye on him. A few months back he actually "stole" some trademarked information from my website and was using it in print and on his own website. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer!!

I know that I have been posting a lot of sad and depressing posts on Facebook lately but if you don't like it then Hide me. If you truly are a friend you'll wish me the best and check in on me from time to time to make sure I'm still around or hopefully doing better right? You wouldn't usually abandon a friend in need!!

I noticed another "friend" had deleted me last night, this was actually a friend of my ex. Last week sometime the ex and I had 114 mutual friends, now we have over 120. LOL Ive sent a couple requests to some of his friends and the others I dont know. But seeing that some of our pre-existing mutual friends deleting me is funny. Well I guess funny depending on why they deleted me. If its one of those "I only liked him cuz you were dating him" things - thats funny. Or more likely because of my depressing posts which as Ive said if you delete me because of that then you werent really a friend at all.

Oh by the way, I didnt feel sad as soon as I woke up this morning..
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