Monday, October 26, 2009

Mommie Dearest Moments

If you havent seen the movie you may not know what Im talking about. But try and follow along cuz youll probably understand by the time I am done

Recently I have been doing some stuff that is SOOO crazy that no one in their right wait a minute...let me re phrase that.

Lately I find myself in the middle of a situation that I have created yet I dont know how I start it or how to stop. Sometimes I dont even realize I am doing it, then all of sudden BAM!!! Oh my god, what did I just do?

If you saw Mommie Dearest dozens of times like I have, youll remember the various times when Joan Crawford was beating Cristina or cutting her hair off or chopping down the tree. She is in the mad mad rage and shes going and going and going then all of a sudden she stops, looks around and realizes what she has done, and starts to cry.

Yep thats me... This past weekend I made some bad choices and I kept doing it over and over again! Until this morning when it all came to a head and I realized WOW what have I done? I know some of you just rolled your eyes and thought oh no Kurt what are you doing? I wish some of you would have said something to me. There were 2 people that tried. One went about it the WRONG way and just made me angrier at that moment on Friday night. The other person on Saturday morning was very kind and told me in a simple calm way that isnt cool, he got to me and I removed the Facebook posts at least. He and I also got a chance to chat at Pecs a little and his calm understanding attitude was helpful.

Anyway.. Can I blame all of this on mid-life crisis? PLEASE? and how long will this mid-life crisis last? I need to get on with my life here and put all this behind me. Is that cool?
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