Sunday, October 11, 2009

9 weeks with CZ

First I want to say that there are always two sides to every story. My comments and statements here are in no way meant to imply CZ is not a good person. Anyone that has met him knows that he is sweet, and fun to be around. We only dated 9 weeks and a big portion of that time was very strained by some events happening in my life at the same time, health issues, and everyday obstacles that everyone experiences. I think we both wanted it to work and we truly hoped things could get better, but in the end we are just two TOTALLY different people. We ALL say we dont want to change someone or we wont change for someone, but relationships are about compromise and in a sense isn't that a form of change? I think its a fine line between changing someone and hoping they will meet you half way and when we cross that line its BAD, but usually not intentional. I think we are both hurting right now and we have mutual friends that were probably reaching out to. Dont feel like you have to pick one of us.. There are plenty of hugs to go around. Im gonna miss the good times, and soon (hopefully) we will both forget about the not so fun times.
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