Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sometimes silence isnt golden

I was scared to read his latest blog, its so weird he hasnt written anything in weeks, but for some odd reason I decided to check it last night. He had JUST posted something within minutes of me checking his blog.

There was only one thing there that was a surprise to me, well maybe 2 things. The fact that he was sharing part of himself with everyone was surprising. Some of it was exactly what I had had felt and had expressed through my blog about him, yet not as eloquently or tastefully (I have since removed that post) His blog said SO much but he said it with very few words.. Thats something I would like to learn how to do. SOMETIMES less can be more.

I was so proud of him for doing that for himself. People do like his online persona, but nobody really knows "C". I guess I didnt either. (that was the other surprise in his blog) I think if he does let people in, he would be surprised how much easier REAL friendships and relationships would be. I dont think we ever had a chance with his walls, and my insecurities. Thats like oil and water. We never were 100% comfortable together I guess? Im still debating on that one. I think we had our moments, but maybe those moments were (as he said) with his online persona but not "the whole him" I guess I didnt get to know the real him. That bums me out a lot.

I hope people read his blog and continue to leave supportive comments for him, I think that would help him to realize its OK to share your feelings with people. Maybe not as much as I do. .
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