Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fairweather Friend????

A couple of weeks ago a friend all of a sudden deleted me on Facebook.. I thought it was a mistake, but he deleted me because of something I said on another friends page. It was all very odd and there really was no valid reason for doing what he did.. He didnt like that people were talking about him behind his back. He got a little paranoid about NOTHING, what he thought was happening was the exact opposite of what truly was happening.. at least on my end. Funny thing was he wasnt even being mentioned in this situation that he got upset about... Its all a little confusing but TRUST ME, he was confused as to what was going on and reacted to something that wasnt even happening.

ANYWAY i wanted to iron this stuff out with him so I kept pushing him to meet face to face to talk. He finally agreed to it and I went to his house for dinner. Well he didnt like the way the conversation was going, and he asked me to leave!!! He was getting so angry that the veins were popping out in his neck and he was clenching his fists. I was happy to leave. I was honestly a little scared. HES A BIG MUSCLE GUY!! Well I was still pretty shocked at the situation and I put something about it on Facebook. A mutual friend sent me an email and said he has seen him do that 3 different times to people. He went on to say maybe it was an un-medicated Bi-Polar disorder or maybe even "roid rage". Well the next morning I received an apology text message from him, he said he had a bad weekend, and was feeling a little low.. I dont wanna get into the kind of weekend I had and how low I was feeling..BUT I didnt blow up at him.. I replied a few hours later but he never responded to that.

Fast forward a week or so. I ran into him while at the movies.. He was cordial, as was I but I had no "love for him" anymore. He blew up at me and asked me to leave his house!! anyway he and his friend went his way and we went ours and everything was fine. A couple of nights ago I received a text message from someone (not in my contact list and no signature on message) asking me how the move went. I replied saying sorry I dont know who this is. they replied REALLY?? Ummm YEP sorry I don't know who this is. They said No worries and that was that. Well of course now I know it was the same person that asked me to leave his house. After he blew up at me I knew he was not someone I would be hangin out with again so I deleted him from my phone. I felt bad about it for a minute but then I thought that's odd to me as well. You cant just drop an apology via text message and pretend it never happened NOT when you have a history at blowing up at people. I have enough stress in my life I dont want to be on my tip toes anytime Im around him.

Who knows what he thinks or what hes sayin about the situation. Obviously he was trying to be nice by texting me. But theres so much goin on in my life and I just dont have the energy to give him right now. I dont even know why I care... But obviously I do.. Im sittin here writing about it
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