Saturday, October 17, 2009

Drinking too much.

Im still trying to get things off my chest, I want to say AGAIN, in no way am I judging or criticizing anyone. If I make comparisons its only to help show what I feel or believe works for me.

Last weekend the "big fight" was triggered by my feelings about one of his friends, someone we were hanging out with just leaving the bar and not saying goodbye. To me that was somewhat odd and also rude, we had been hanging out with this person all afternoon and evening, first at a birthday party then we moved onto Cheers...anyway most people that I have talked to about this DID NOT agree with me, they didn't think it was odd at all. Because I had such strong feelings about this it triggered an argument that brought out a lot of feelings that were being held back and it ultimately resulted in us breaking up.. I'm not gonna go into the whole breakup thing, were just two very different people.

This past Thursday a friend and I went out to the Eagle, and who was there? The guy that just left the group without sayin goodbye.. We said hello and I asked him if he knew that we had broken up. He said "yeah I heard, Im sorry to hear that" RIGHT AS HE PUT HIS HAND ON MY ASS AND TRIED TO KISS ME!!(opened mouth) TWICE!!!!!!!!!! OK now that is WRONG i dont care who trys to tell me Im over reacting or making a big deal out of nothing. That guy is an asshole and not a very good friend to my ex. you can try to dismiss it by saying he was drunk or whatever you want but there is NO EXCUSE for making the moves on a friends ex boyfriend less than a week after breaking up.. Ok so I am being judgmental.. so sue me..

People make bad choices when they are drinking PERIOD. I could go on about this but each time I try to type another sentence it comes out too negative. The incident that happened last weekend mixed together with what happened on Thursday night has left a bad taste in my mouth for bars and for drunk people. Im gonna try to find something more uplifting and positive to do with my time for while.
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