Sunday, March 7, 2010

Im pretty, but other peoples drama isnt

Where do I start?

Friday night I went to a party at a new friends house, he has a party the first Friday of every month. Theres always lots of fun and friendly guys there, this month there was this REALLY cute REALLY tall guy there. I have a weakness for tall guys (and cute ones) Thanks to Jeffrey I got up the nerve to talk to him, we chatted for a bit but since he is new to town everybody at the party was tryin to get a piece of him. Well it was time to go so I went to give him a hug goodbye and I dont know what came over me but I kissed him on the lips, as I pulled back he said what just one kiss? so i went back for more, this time it was a wet one. I was walkin out of that party with my head in the clouds.

Jeffrey and I decided to have a little Pre Bear Night party at his place. So I invited Joe (cute tall boy) he showed up and I played it cool, I let him have his space before I pounced on him. I did my good old trusty "lets take a picture together" move so I could cop a feel. Soon after we all left to head over to the bar, he promised me a dance and I was gonna cash in for sure. My friend and I were on the dance floor and who did I bump into? Yep cute tall boy.. we danced and somehow ended up kissing out on the dance floor... WOW i havent done that since well I dunno when the last time was but its been a while. We bumped into each other again and somehow ended up kissing some more. Hes a REALLY good kisser. We got seperated at the bar so he sent me a text saying he couldnt find me and was leaving.. HOW SWEET IS THAT? There was lots of other stuff and conversations that happened between dancing and kissing. Im not gonna go on and on about him because I just met the guy and I dont even know him. I hope I get the opportunity to get to know him better.

OK now for the not so fun stuff #1, as you may remember the last guy I dated has a new roommate that is someone I dont think very highly of, if you dont remember you can read about him HERE and HERE. Obviously you can see that I am someone that puts everything out there for people to see, I dont hide much, you'll always know where you stand with me. I also believe that every action results in a reaction. This time the action was made by Jake and the reaction is me blogging about it. Jake and I have a mutual friend in real life and on Facebook, This friend has been asking me to go to Kickers for awhile, since I know that is a place Jake frequents I didnt want to go there. Rather than drag the friend into the drama between me and Jake, I just kept "blowing the friend off" Well last night I decided to vaguely tell the friend why I wasnt wanting to go to Kickers. He told me he already figured it out because he got a nasty email about me from Jake. He said it was completely out of the blue and there was nothing that he was aware of that instigated it. We didnt talk too much about it because my friend said he had already figured out Jake was immature based on something else he had done, so after he read the email he didnt even respond he just deleted it. I dont think I need to go on about this too much. Jakes actions once again continue to prove me right. The ex has told people (recently) Jake is 28 going on 21 going on 14.. I couldnt have said it better myself.

Not so fun stuff #2
I have.. or I should say HAD this Facebook friend named Randy B. hes a DJ and what else I dont know, weve only met once, Ive actually talked with his Mother longer than Ive talked with him.. Long weird story there.. ANYWAY last night I posted on Facebook pictures of cute tall boy, well Im guessing Randy saw them because in one of his (self admitted) drunk FB comments he said to another friend "remember we dont associate with XXX XXXXX" (cute tall boy) WOW my comment to that was "wow ummmm wow its such a small world :-("
This morning I woke to an email from Randy saying "im disassociating with anyone who thinks being friends with XXX XXXXX (cute tall boy) is a good idea."
and Randy deleted me as a FB friend. he sent me that email at 4:15 in the morning so I dont really put too much thought or concern into email that was writen in a drunken rant. Should it be a red flag? I dont know, I think the way Randy handled that was very immature and speaks volumes about the situation. I have no reason not to trust the cute tall boy, so Im moving forward in my desire to get to know him. End of story.

UPDATE! Randy just emailed me and Im gonna say he handled this situation much better this morning, he didnt tell me why he doesnt like cute tall boy, he just said it was better for him that there was no connection right now. I have a little more respect for Randy now. Glad thats the case I was a little bummed about it this morning.
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