Sunday, November 22, 2009

Flakey Jake

So this is a little weird for me to be writing a blog about someone I dont know very well. This kid Jake was first brought to my attention by my ex Gooster. Its a friend of his, however the majority of the time we dated the ex didnt really have too many good things to say about Jake, as a matter of fact his nick name is IS FLAKEY JAKE. The ex has written many blogs about this guy, both positive and negative.

Hes a young kid thats in the military, hes on a gay(ish) rugby team here in town. Now before you all think I am throwin his business out in the street you should know that ALL of this info is on his public facebook profile so im not disclosing anything he hasnt made public already.

On 2 different occasions Jake made plans with us to hang out.. Once for the beach which he flaked on simply by not returning messages left for him. the other for the movies which he flaked out on about an hour before the movie started.. Not even having the balls or decency to cancel with the ex.. He canceled via another friend.

On 3 different occasions I had sent Jake friend requests on Facebook.. 2 of those times was during the period of time I was dating Gooster the other when things were a little rocky, yet still I was extending the olive branch All 3 requests were denied.

So now the point of this blog post.. Jake seems to have a temper or something. On 3 different occasions Jake has "gone off" on me on other peoples Facebook page. The first 2 times were on Goosters page. Now I dont remember the first one exactly, but the second time Gooster said I deserved it.. OK FINE I disagree but whatever.. After the second time Jake was being a bitch to me on FB i saw him out at Bear night.. I asked him how his event that night went and he replied to me kindly.. I thought things were ok with him and I.. The next day a mutual friend even said he mentioned I was nice to him the night before.

The third time was clearly Jakes being a little bitch. A mutual friend had posted this. "can't help but feel a little bit negative right now. going to sleep it off soon" I clicked the like button for this.. in my mind I was liking the fact that this friend was gonna sleep off the negativity. in JAKES mind this was his reply.

Jake Bxxxxxxx: really, you like that he is feeling negative? go overdose in an alley or something.

OK I could end this blog right now and most people would understand why this kid has pissed me off so much.. BUT NO.. it gets better..

Tonight at the Hole Jake was there with Gooster. If you have been following along you know that Gooster and I are doing OK.. My friends are happy with that and our mutual friends seem to be comfortable being around both of us. For some reason Jake cant seem to pull his head out of his ass to be cordial. AGAIN i was nice and said hello only to be greeted with a smug and arrogant attitude from Jake RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FRIEND. well i had enough of his attitude. I simply said REALLY JAKE? you cant pretend to be nice? His reply was "NO everyone knows Im not a nice person." COOL!! Im so glad you decided to verify the fact that you are an ass!

Shortly after that I received a very nice text message from someone that was nearby the situation. he just told me he was remaining neutral to the situation and basically i should let it roll of my back (my words not his) but you get the idea. I was SOOOO impressed by this persons message. I hope I get an opportunity to have a conversation with him sometime soon.

I turned away from him and walked away shortly after that.. The look of embarrassment on Goosters face (whether caused by me or Jake) was painful to see.
I sent Gooster a text apologizing for him having to see that although it was inevitable. a few mins later I went up to Gooster and apologized as well. He started to comment by saying I dont wanna... I cut him off and said I dont expect a reply I am simply wanted to say sorry. At hat time I told him i was leaving and going to Pecs.

Well I got to Pecs and who was there? Yep.. both of them. No worries Gooster and our friend Jeffrey hung out a bit and talked. But when Jake came around the little bitch kept tryin to stare me down.. OH HELL NO!! Luckily Gooster caught on and they went inside.. Jeffrey and I left shortly after that.. Gooster came up and gave me a hug goodbye.. Hes a good guy.. God knows what he is doing hanging around with Jake, I guess thats thing thing about friendships, there's more to it than everyone may know. I hope Jakes behavior doesn't reflect poorly on Gooster, but when you announce to everyone around you that you are not a nice person, people are gonna start avoiding you when you are out.

But really what the fuck is Jake's deal? does he not care how his friend feels? Why would you go off on somebody's friend on their facebook page?? Gooster and I are getting along.. why would u be a bitch and make things uncomfortable for your friend? I have my thoughts on this.. but i think Ill leave my opinions to myself.. Ive only given you the facts in this blog.. we will leave it at that
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