Monday, November 9, 2009

How can you not see what you do?

So last night I sent him a message on FB telling him I needed to remove him as a friend well here is what I sent

I think its best for me to delete you as a "friend" We are not good TO each other or good FOR each other.. Im too sensitive and your actions continue to hurt me. I hope one day things will change for you and I but for now this is whats best.

As long as I live I will always have a place in my heart for you Cory.

Good bye

I then sent him a text because I wanted him to read it right away before I removed him him because i wasnt sure if he would get the email after I removed him as a friend...So

i sent a text and he replied with.. OK have had you hidden since Wed for myself. Well first of all that's a lie because he had made comments on my page as late as Thursday. So maybe he hid it from the news feed but he was still reading it.. and secondly
REALLY? You felt the need to tell me that? WHY because it would make you feel better to have the upper hand? You had to have the final word? WHAT THE FUCK is that about? It was a hard decision for me and I thought I sent him a nice email about it, but he just had to turn it around and make me feel bad once again!!!

THAT is why I told him to forget he ever knew me.. Because I couldnt take him CONSTANTLY trying to knock me down so he would feel better about himself. I have a hard enough time makin myself feel OK I dont need to be anyone's emotional punching bag.
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