Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mariah is still crazy after all these years

This is my very FIRST blog way way back from April 2008, I dug it up from MySpace just because once again I'm so sick of seeing Mariah Carey on every damn show known to man.

I get it shes a great singer! But so is Barbra Streisand and you sont see her nose on TV every damn day. Leave us some mystery Marah, at this point I have no desire to hear your music or buy your dumb ass perfume. You are OVER EXPOSED!!!

I do want to go see the movie she is in that's coming out this week Precious, the thing is I didnt even recognize her when I first saw the previews. She looks like a NORMAL person.. alright alright enough bitching about Mariah.. I can feel my friends hair standing up on the back of his neck... well if he had hair it would be..


April 2008

Hey Bitches

Here it is my first blog, Im sure you aren't as excited as I am. I decided to finally do this blog thing because I have too many random thoughts goin on in my head all the time, and I'm sure my friends and clients get sick of hearin me go on about some of this useless information I have stockpiled in my brain.

Like I said useless, random information, observations, and senseless rambling is pretty much all this blog is gonna have.. OH WAIT how could I forget about my opinions.. I always have one and for all that know me already you know I'm usually right on with my opinions, if not I'm sure I can convince you through charm and bullshit that I am right.. Got it? cool.. lets do this..

What the fuck is up with Mariah Carey?? She is tryin so hard to convince us how much she has grown and emancipated herself!! The bitch is still crazy.. just a little thinner. It started with the Oprah show with MC taking us on a tour of her lingerie closet while what??? Dressed in lingerie fool!! This last week she was anywhere and everywhere on TV promoting her new ALBUM/CD/MP3 ?? what ever the fuck they call it these days.. anyway she is more concerned with posing for the camera and talkin about her new body than she is remembering the words to her own damn song..(Good Morning America) I was blown away by her on Live with Regis and Kelly...guuurrrlll she could not stop checkin her makeup and hair in the video monitor.. even commenting on it herself.. Then she lit up the Empire State Building in "her colors" blush and bashful.. oh wait thats Steel Magnolias. her colors are pink and lavender WHATEV!! so shes trying to stand next to this electrical box prop all and sexy and shit, but she couldn't flip the dang switch to turn on her lights since she was standing there propped and posed perfectly to show everyone how skinny she is. She hasnt grown that much since her days of rollin around in her bathtub on M TV's Cribs if ya ask me.. Now Im not saying her album ain't the shit.. cuz it is good... BUT Mariah needs to stay home a couple days this next week otherwise were gonna be sick of seeing the skinny bitch posing anywhere she can..
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