Thursday, November 12, 2009

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I try to understand how some people like to rip on others just for pleasure? Does it make them feel better? I mean really, there are people that are publicly following my blog that never comment on it here, but on Twitter and other places they rip on me or as you saw in the previous blog they will throw shit out there to me on Twitter.

I dont follow (most of) these peoples Twitter accounts nor am I friends with them on Facebook, so how do I find out what they are saying? Not too difficult to figure out.
Faggots can be cruel, they LOVE to tell everyone what they know, some have such HUGE insecurities that they feel like it makes them important or something to be the one to know "everything". So the VERY people you are having a conversation with about me on Twitter may very well be the same person telling me everything thats going on. Whether I like it or not. I think people believe they are doin me a favor by letting me know what people are saying... So here it is.. It doesnt help.

The ex recently deleted 40-50 of our mutual friends from his FB account. The funny think is he didnt delete the people that are telling me what he or his friends are doin and saying!! Just my luck, CLASSIC, FML... choose one.

The stuff that I write here comes from my hurt, pain, confusion, my insecurities, etc. Where does your need to rip on me come from? Do you have anything constructive to say?

I know Cory doesnt talk to people about me (too much), his closest friends tell me they dont even have private conversations about stuff. So im sure he didnt tell any of his friends what he went through with me a couple weeks ago. How he "talked me down off a ledge". So you throw that word crazy around all you want.. Nobody will be able to hold me down and "knock the crazy out of me". Did you miss the blog where I said I was on anti-depressants? And your gonna call me crazy? WOW thats cold, and heartless.. the word PATHETIC comes to mind too.

That is hurtful and harmful, and for what reason? REALLY, WHAT REASON?
Just for fun? In the middle of the day for NO apparent reason other than boredom lets read the crazy guys blog and laugh at him about it? NICE!

If my sadness and depression make you feel better about your lives Im glad I could help..

UPDATE! 4 hours AFTER I posted my blog he posts this.. If you read the comments he said it has nothing to do with me.. Does he think we are stupid? I mean REALLY? Hes already used the rabbit in the pot reference about me on Twitter a couple of times.. What an asshole!! Well then he goes on to say.. Well, part of it might have a twinge of you, not just you though, you aren't the first nor only "Stacy" in my life and you didn't inspire this post. We have since both deleted our comments on his blog.. which is for the best.. The person that I was mostly speaking of here has since un-followed my blog which is also a good thing.

Well let me just say if ya have a history in stalkers in your life you may wanna take a look at what YOU are doing to cause it. Cuz ya definitely aint all that!! So maybe JUST maybe YOU are the one that is dragging this out?? MAYBE??

Just A Dude Talking About Life: Watch Out For Stacy
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