Monday, November 9, 2009

The dangers of online "personas"

You have to wonder why someone would hide behind a fake name on Facebook? I can understand using screen names on sex hook up sites like manhunt or Bear411 or whatever, but on FB you have the ability to decide who sees you. You can allow people to view everything or completely block someone from your account. So why the need for a screen name on FB? A few reasons perhaps... you dont want anyone to see the real you? You can say or do whatever you wish to and not truly be held accountable for it? You can be WHOEVER you want behind a screen name, and no one ever has to know the real you. THAT is a scary thought and it should have been a HUGE red flag to me. Is it a split personality? Maybe, Ive had another persona before but mine was REAL not a fictional character created for Facebook!! A nickname is understandable but having a different personality completely? Thats just strange. Just so you dont think I made this up here is an excerpt from a blog the ex wrote recently (see the link at the bottom for full story)

Gooster is just a part of me, a part that is portrayed on the internets. Though, through Twitter, Facebook, and here, you probably get a pretty good idea of who I am, there is still a part of me that I don't put out there. I am happy when I hear that people enjoy Gooster! He is a great guy, but not geared for real-world applications outside of social situations.

I say this because I met my ex and now friend on Facebook. We met, and of course, he met more Gooster than the whole me. I think he fell for Gooster. I can only compare it to falling in love with a clown, but the man underneath isn't what you expect.

So hes saying for the 9-10 weeks we dated I didnt get to know the real him? I wonder how that happened? Because he HID behind Gooster! XXXX is NOTHING like Gooster.. Gooster is fun, funny, playful. XXXX is none of those things.
I just hope he doesnt "entice" anyone else into his real life with by using his "fake" life. Thats just so unfair!

At one point Facebook was going to delete any account that didnt have a real name, because of the dangers associated with it.. I dont know what ever happened with that Im sure he does, he wrote a blog about that too.

Like I said before I put EVERYTHING out here for everyone to see. Its always the quiet ones you should be nervous of because you dont know where you stand with them.
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