Friday, March 12, 2010

There are important steps I need to take if I want new relationships to last.

We need to learn from our mistakes.. The last person I dated changed his Facebook relationship status after just 3 weeks of dating,and OF COURSE i followed right along. I was so happy to be dating after 4-5 years of not having a date, I wanted the world to know about it. I get this daily affirmation thing emailed to me and I saw this one last night and just had to share it. Ive taken my relationship status off Facebook entirely, I know I talk alot about the guys I kiss, or meet in a bar etc etc But when I meet a guy Im certain Im dating I may just be quiet about it this time.

I need to allow a new relationship to grow in a healthy way by giving it the time it needs. When I go too fast in a relationship, necessary stages are overlooked, and I might find myself in a relationship destined to fail. When trees are planted and their roots aren't given enough time to grow deeply into the soil, they're sure to fall during a storm. When the roots are given time to grow slowly, strongly, and deeply, they will most likely weather any storm.

Relationships can be similar, because when they're taken too quickly, they're likely to fail at the first sign of difficulty. But if given the time to grow, they will withstand the winds of turmoil and crisis. If I meet someone I want to be with, I can care for our relationship by not going too fast. I will remind myself that a tree needs tender care and nurturing to grow and flourish, not fertilizers and chemicals that force it to grow faster.

Today I will take care of my new relationship by understanding what it takes to make it strong and lasting.

Copied from Time to Fly Free by Judith R. Smith
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