Monday, March 8, 2010

Kind words from a RT and Facebook friend

A friend left me this comment on Facebook just now. First is my status then his comment

All these months later some people are still talking shit about me to MY friends behind my back. I put my feelings out there for everyone to see via my blog.. Grow some balls and talk to me about your issues, be up front and out there with your feelings about me or STFU!!

From SW

Cheer up, KID. I know it's hard, but you really need to get on with YOUR life. Know what YOU like, what YOU want to accomplish and who's important in YOUR life. As was said in Alice in Wonderland, "I can't help you if YOU don't know who YOU are. Stupid, girl." But just know that if some people are so immature and petty that the only way to feel good about them selves is to talk badly of others they have NOTHING going on right now to feel good about. If they REALLY had lives they would be living them and not spending time being concerned with others. Haters will keep on hating, the world keeps on spinning. Go do what I do from time to time, get out of the shallow, superficial fish bowl that is North-Uni-Crest.
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