Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The luck of the Irish?

Well I aint Irish, but my luck seems to be changing..

Yesterday I found out I do qualify for some of the Government aid I applied for last week. This morning I put a pic of my Craftsman tool chest on Facebook, and it was sold within minutes.. I really hated to part with it, I LOVED it so much and I sold it pretty darn cheap but I really needed the money.

I havent really done anything differently the past few days, my attitude has been a little better simply based on some good stuff happening. A date this past Sunday, cute guys flirting and giving me their number at Urban Mo's and at the Hole, not that I base my happiness on other guys but come on ya know you feel good when hotties flirt with you. The help from Uncle Sam, and selling the tool chest, I hope I can keep this "roll" going.. Right now Im off to some Drs appointments that should help me with these Government "benefits" and tomorrow I have to complete an orientation for my help from Arnold Schwarzenegger. Friday or Saturday Ill get a haircut and maybe some new shoes for all the walking Im doing and maybe a couple T-shirts. Ill feel like a new person!! I guess my theme song of this week comes from Patti La Belle!!

Wish me luck for the rest of my week to go as well as it has so far!!
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