Monday, March 22, 2010

Diante's Inferno ?

This is probably the least eloquent blog post I have ever written, its all over the place and wont make sense to most of you.

Ive been following someones blog lately after seeing him comment on the blog of someone I used to date, and on my blog as well. When I first read his blog I was a little freaked out because he speaks of getting even and how he is so angry... He hasnt "gone after" me in his blog. The comments he has made on my blog were in support of me but still freaked me out a bit.

After reading his blog some of the things he was saying seemed VERY familiar, so familiar that I believed they were things that I had once said myself about one person in particular. Well heres a link to his blog, Diante it wont make sense to many of you and Im not going to point out the things I am talking about, because I dont want to give any validation to these statements he is making.

Now here is this point of this blog post.. After reading his blog today I think I have figured out who Diante is. I used to have a big crush on this guy. He was very supportive of me when I was going through a rough patch. We only talked on the phone once, most of our interaction was on Facebook. There so much in his blog that doesnt make sense, like the prescription drug use and the heavy drinking, but when I think about it it could make sense because this person is a pharmaceutical company sales rep and I dont really know him at all.

Once i thought I figured it out, I went back and re-read his blog and I see so many similarities in what he has said directly to me in the past and words and phrases he uses in his blog.

I really want to be wrong about this for many reasons. First and foremost I dont want to think that he is in this much pain, I dont want to think that all the support he gave me was fake or out of spite of someone else, and I dont want to believe he would be so vindictive.

Im a little torn up about this right now.. He just posted something on my FB wall the other day asking me how I was doing..

Diante..Please tell me I am wrong about this..
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