Saturday, February 13, 2010

A little disgusted

So you may remember me blogging about a friend that recently died.. If not see here ERIC & BOB Recently Ive noticed a lot of different people suddenly coming out of the woodwork trying to get close to these people.. Mostly I have noticed this with one of them more than the other.. I shouldnt even be writing about this but I have had it with one particular person.. Someone I was once close with has a new roommate that claims he was dating someone that he CLEARLY was not dating. But I have now heard this from 2 different people that heard it directly from him. They werent even friends on Facebook until January 28th or 29th so the chances they were DATING are pretty slim. By him saying this, he is insulting and hurting people that truly were close to this person. I really want to go on, but i think I better stop. This punk ass bitch isnt worth writing about anymore.. He has caused me too much grief in the past and his actions continue to prove me right.. He seems to latch on to any "hot topic" that is relevant regarding the military, friends, or anything else where he can get some attention.. OK im done.. off my soapbox now..
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