Friday, February 5, 2010

Sad Day

Early Friday afternoon a friend sent me a text message telling me of the death of someone I knew, but not very well. It still struck me as sad of course.

A few hours later I learned of the death of someone I called a friend, well we were friends and we parted ways for a couple of months but back in November we "connected" again and began to enjoy our re found friendship.

I met Eric via Gooster, and Im so sad about what has transpired between he and I because I feel like reaching out to Cory to tell him I share his pain and that I am sorry for his loss. But I cant.

Eric and I had plans to get together tomorrow, I was gonna trim his hair and have some lunch at Baja Betty's. Im sad that our friendship didnt have the chance to grow stronger, but I am glad we got past our differences before he left us.

To make things worse the person that apparently took Eric's life was also someone I knew, I didnt know Bob very well, but I did have the opportunity to have dinner with him and have some fun at Dave & Busters recently, Sadly Bob also took his own life.

Rest in Peace our "Dancing Bear" I will miss your hugs and that amazing smile you shared with all of us.

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