Friday, February 5, 2010

What makes a man a man

You can change the paint and redo the landscaping, but it won't fix a flawed foundation.

I borrowed this from a FB friend yesterday. It seemed very fitting for me because Ive been really workin on me. BUT in the real sense, the way that really does change and effect ME the PERSON not me the outer shell. If anything Ive probably gained a few pounds due to the anti depressants and sitting around at home too much. Sometimes I get a little down because I cant go afford to go to the gym right now, but Im doin something more important workin on me from the inside out.

Every year so many people make that decision to go to a gym and lose some weight, believe me im all for any kind of self improvement you can make but whats the reason behind it? Health reasons? Great but most likely (for gay men anyway) its to make yourself more attractive and "sexy" Well ya wanna know whats sexy to me? someone that isnt afraid to admit he has issues, a guy that isnt afraid to share his weaknesses as well as his strengths. Someone that shows some emotion and admits he hurts like everyone else. If ya go through your adult life pretending nothing is wrong with you or never share your inner struggles with someone your trying to be close to than you are greatly flawed and thats a big turnoff to me.

This coming week Im going to start walking more, I enjoy it and i live in a great area to walk in plus it clears my mind and helps me focus on what I want to talk to about in my weekly therapy sessions. Well I guess thats all I have to say about this subject for now. I want to encourage everyone to TALK to someone, preferably a professional but if not talk to your friends.. talk to many people get different view points on things your going through, share experiences and feelings. Who knows they may learn something from you as well
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