Monday, February 1, 2010

What can I say?

I dont really have much to say here lately. Ive been feeling really good, hangin out with friends a lot, havin some clients here and there, so I have some spending money. I dont want my blog to just be somewhere that I complain and share my stresses, I want to share the good stuff with you too.

Saturday I hung out with a good friend Ive known for years, Dave Z. we went to Redwing to try one of their bacon wrapped hot was OK, then we went to Pecs and had a couple drinks, all in all it was a good time hangin out with Dave, we always have a good time..usually talking shit about people and trashing them..all in good fun though. After that I went to The LGBT community center for an event with the San Diego Gay Rodeo, ran into a bunch of friends there and had a blast.

Yesterday I went to church with my friend Dan, and another Twitter friend Jack. That was nice, then Dan and I dropped Jack off (no pun intended as Dan said) picked up another of his friends Chris, and headed to the farmers market. We ran into these other friends of ours, Todd and Chris.. Chris mentioned how worried he was when I was depressed and how he is so happy to see me happy and smiling again. It is nice to hear people say that because I dont realize sometimes that I truly am doing much better these days and its nice to be reminded so I can appreciate it more. After that I came home did nothing, then went and did errands and stuff with my BFF Cheri and her Mom Heidi.. Heidi made me some cucumber salad that I LOVE so that was part of my dinner..

As you can see a full weekend that was fun yet just a regular weekend at the same time. I hope this didnt bore you too much. I just wanna share the good stuff too.

Well that was my weekend, how was yours?
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