Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cant really say whats goin on now

I havent blogged too much lately cuz a lot of the stuff goin on with me is too personal for me to talk about here. I got a lot of stuff weighing heavy on my mind though. The recent deaths of two people I know have added to my stress and sadness.

If you arent familiar with what I am talking about here is a link to the story about Eric & Bob. The emotions that Ive been feeling over this have run all over the place. Yesterday I was so mad at Bob for what he did I was beside myself, today im just sad again. Eric and I werent super close but we were building our friendship back up again and Im angry that opportunity was taken away.

I dont know what the point of this blog was gonna be.. I thought Id be able to get some stuff off my mind but its not flowing.

I saw one of my therapists this week and he thinks that I should consider going on disability because of my depression. This scares me a lot. I dont know that Im ready to be broke all the time and not be working at all.. SO many things to consider..
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