Friday, February 26, 2010

The best day in a long time

So today started out like any other day..
Woke up, had my coffee then Facebooked for awhile.

Then Jeffrey called to see if I wanted to go on a walk.. During the walk we saw Jerry and waved to him. Our walk of course led us to Baja Bettys.. We settled into our stools and the handsome Russell walked in, wow not only is he sexy as hell but hes super sweet too, so down to earth and real.. Im tellin you if that man weren't already attached Id be chasing him big time. Soon Cheri joined us then Noah, then Heidi.. We chatted with Courtney for awhile, Keven J, and Dave O were there happy and smiling.. I got a post on my Facebook wall from David C that made me smile. The two hotties next to us were familiar from days gone by as well. I was havin the time of my life.. Surrounded by all the people I know and love I couldn't help but to smile HUGE.

It doesnt end there, I had to hightail it to dinner at Zios with Frank and Eric and we had so much fun chatting about people and that TV show Spartacus and doing some funky math with Darren.. 365 x 20 years does NOT equal 5 digits bitches!!

I thought about goin out for a little bit with Frank, but I had a full day and I also need to know when to stop so the fun doesn't end.. Does that make sense?

It was really a good day... and the best part was just being surrounded by people I love.

Thanks everyone!!

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