Thursday, May 6, 2010

A new friend for life

You know when you meet someone and you just click? My new friend John (NavyGuyN619 on Twitter) is just one of those people. We met via Twitter. Funny thing is when we first started conversing I thought he and a guy I used to date were talking shit about me.. That wasnt the case at all, John just had no clue how to tweet back then.

Ive already talked about him here on my last blog post John is REALLY cute and REALLY sweet. Im tellin ya if he wasnt a friend one of us would be breakin the others heart.

John is totally open and sensitive to letting me talk to him about anything goin on in my life, and I hope he knows that Im always there to listen to him... Hes a big tough guy though and I dont see him cryin on my shoulder too much.

Johns a bit of a wild child and tonight we had a blast. We went to Baja Bettys with Joe (Cute Tall Boy) then to Guys, Games, and Grub at The LGBT Center, then ended the night with The Dreamgirls Revue at Urban Mo's, there was this cute guy there that John had gone out with a couple times, this guy was tryin to get on John but john was (sort of) pushing the guy away so then I think the guy thought John and I were together so this guy tried gettin all up in my Kool Aid askin me if I was single, etc etc.. HAHAHAHAHAHA I just rolled with it... I kissed that boy and flirted back with him and just played his game.. John and I were giggling like high school girls

I gotta say somedays I feel like Im 50 instead of 40(something) But when I hang out with John I feel 30 again.. Now that could be a dangerous thing like it was on Saturday but tonight he let me quit when it was time to quit. He was a perfect friend and gentleman. I know hes got my back.

John is in the Navy and theres a good chance someday he could leave San Diego, normally i would run from making a friend that could just pick up and leave at anytime, but I have a really good feeling about this guy, when I say a friend for life I mean it.

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