Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh what a weekend!

After being at my Moms most of the week I was certainly ready to get out of the house so Friday afternoon Cheri, Sister Iona and I headed to St Patrick's Church for Stations of the Cross service (Im not Catholic, I just went along for the ride) THEN the fun part we headed over to Baja Bettys for one drink, well as usual that turned into a few drinks, and a few more friends joining us. I guess some of us got bored there because next thing I knew we were heading to Pecs. Oh I think I forgot to mention I was wearing my rabbit ears the whole time..well except for church, anyway there was a table of guys at Pecs that kept hootin and hollerin at me to come over and there was one cute guy so I obliged.. anyway we soon left Pecs and got some pizza, it was good but it was too bad I drank too much that I threw it all up..

Oh well, at least I wasnt hungover on Saturday. The day started out innocent enough Cheri and I picked up Nicole for Breakfast at Urban Mo's we ran into a few "old school" people we knew like Gene Burkhart (founder of International male) Chris Shaw (owner of Mo's, Bettys, and Gossip Grill) then we walked around Hillcrest for awhile for some shopping for Easter stuff and Cheri's costume for Lets Make a Deal, Nicole got tired so we dropped her off and continued on with our shopping. As usual i was on the phone checkin out Facebook and I saw David Cope the HOT bartender at Urban Mos was working so I talked Cheri into ONE drink at Mo's.. That was about 4pm..We were doin fine until the first shot, then Chris the owner came by and bought us a round of drinks.. Well as Cheri said we should have known our evening was goin down hill when I was taking pictures with Armada Rugby players bare butts at the bar.. SORRY DORA!! Cheri decided it was time to go. BUT my Twitter friend John showed up and weve been tryin to hang out forever.. So who was I to turn down the 5-10 drinks he offered to buy me, after all I had made plans to meet up with another Twitter friend Jasun later that night at Mos so what a perfect opportunity for me to hang out with John AND Jasun. DAMN this is a long story.. John is a SUPER sweet guy, cute and sexy as hell.. If I were 10 years younger and 20 pounds thinner I would be ALL OVER THAT!! But seriously hes a really nice guy, very caring and concerned when Im feeling down and that boy can DRINK all day and night and go to work the next day no problem.. man hes like my hero!

Jasun had a group of friends he was hangin out with so he was back and forth between them and John and I.. Sadly my phone battery died so i had to keep using Jasun's phone to "converse" with him (Jasun is Deaf) I have to admit Ive always had a little crush on Jasun and he is a lot cuter in person than in his pictures online.. Woof!! or actually i should say MEOW (inside joke) Mos was bumpin that night and some more friends were there.. Kelly, Jarrod and Daddy John!! I havent seen Daddy John for awhile so that was nice. Chris C and his new man another FB friend Rick G. were there too!! After lots more drinks and lots of pictures Jasun wanted to go to Fiesta Cantina, well there was a line there so we just decided to call it a night.. It was about 12AM (yes i did say I started at 4pm) I had to get up early for Lets Make a Deal anyway. Jasun and I decided to walk for a little bit before we went home. he was staying right by The Center so it wasnt too far of a walk and I was cabbing it. BUT ooops on the walk I got a little sick.. oh man, i dont think Jasun saw me pukin in the bushes.. I sure hope not.

Sunday morning came quick.. We had to be on the road for Lets Make a Deal by 9am I still hadnt gotten my costume out and ready.. I wasnt sleeping very well because kitten snores loud.. I got up showered etc. right before it was time to go I had to run to the bathroom because I was gonna be sick. Well needless to say Cheri had to pull over a few times on our way to LA so I could puke.. OMG how was I gonna get through this day? Well we got to LA pretty quick just to wait around in line for a few hours.. I had a great costume, and when we finally got in the studio they sat us down in a PRIME location to get picked.. Well about ONE MINUTE before the show started they moved us more towards the back.. Well wouldnt ya fuckin know it the guy that they moved to my seat was one of the first to get picked and was the BIG winner of the day.. I swear if I didnt have bad luck I would have no luck at all. Im never gonna waste my time going to another game show taping again.. I think the only show I would waste my time with is Ellen, but thats nearly impossible to get tickets for.
Oh yeah the earthquake, Ive lived in So Cal my entire life, ive felt many earthquakes so no big deal to me.. I didnt even feel this one but you could see all the lights and signs in the studio movin back and forth for a few minutes. I thought Heidi was gonna pass out.. Well we got out of there and got somethin to eat, the first thing I had eaten all day was potato cheese soup. Well we got home a few minutes after 9PM so that was a 12 hour day, we did have some fun, but like I said Ill never do it again.. what a waste of time. I watched Celebrity Apprentice then went to bed. I guess we were havin aftershocks still cuz the cat wouldnt leave my side all night.. He was a little freaked out. Well I guess thats it.. Theres a lot of GOOD stuff I left out here but some things I just gotta keep to myself.
BUT heres the BIG SMILE that someone put on my face... :-D

Ahhh what a fun weekend!!

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