Friday, April 2, 2010

Anxiously dreaming

I had a weird dream last night. It was gay pride, and I was there all alone. I kept running into friends and ex's that are now dating other people, it seemed like I was the only person at Pride all by myself. Kirk was in my dream and he was now dating someone that I used to like so that made me upset. Cory was in the dream but I never saw the guy he was dating in my dream. I was so upset I ran to my friend Steve C. to discuss it. In my dream Steve was letting me work for him in his nursery, in real life he owns a postal shipping place... Dreams can be so weird. I just remember being so upset and having a major anxiety attack in my dream. Steve of course calmed me and helped me through it AGAIN.

I woke up feeling anxious and didnt want to leave my Moms house, I really think Im still trying to find the right balance of medication. I had a couple cups of coffee and just barreled through the anxiety this morning before it got very bad.

Thats all for now
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