Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A quickie - update

Sorry I havent been sharing with you too much lately. Things have been going pretty good and Ive also been busy writing more articles for GLTNewsNow.com so Ive been ignoring my blog a bit.

I just read on Facebook that a friend, James was inspired by my blog to start writing his own. Im glad I can inspire anyone to do anything, but this was particularly impressive to me because James is SUPER intelligent and what he has written about is really intellectually and emotionally stimulating.. YAY ME! *Patting myself on the back for inspiring greatness* TOOT TOOT TOOT MY OWN HORN!!!

Theres something else i am very proud of.. Last week at Urban Mo's I ran into the last guy I dated, as you may remember theres been lots of drama there for one reason or another. But thats all in the past now because when I saw him I just gave him a hug and chatted about pink boas and pink beads and blah blah blah and that was it.. Well I ran into him again a few minutes later and not even sure if we talked or not but it was all completely effortless. it was like a huge weight off my shoulders. Im really proud of how far I have come, it hasnt been an easy road and there have been bumps and turns along the way. But Im happy to say thats all behind us now, and I know it has to be a huge relief for him as well. YAY ME!

In my last blog I wrote about a new friend, John. Well Im happy to say John and I have been hangin out a lot lately. Ive introduced him to my other friends and he and Cheri get along great. John is really good to me and he "takes care of me" Im tryin to introduce him to different things around town to do, like Game night at The LGBT Center, I''m taking him to a house party next Friday, etc etc. We have meaningful talks about life, boys, family, and more. We also get really silly and dance and prance around Urban Mo's, Baja Betty's and whereever else they will put up with us. Just one word of advice.. Dont play Trivial Pursuit with him cuz he yells out the answer no matter whose turn it is.

Speaking of prancing around Urban Mo's, for a couple different Sundays Ive hung out a little bit with some of the Armada Rugby boys. They are a BLAST.. Sadly I had a preconceived idea about these guys based on some bad experiences with one of the players, The guys Ive been hanging out with dont really hang out with him though so its all good.. So now Im a Rugby Player groupie!! Their season is over now but I cant wait for it to start up again!

Im still working on all that "government aid" stuff, the State of California just sent me a big ol stack of paperwork I gotta fill out this week.. So this week that is my goal.. Git er dun!

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