Sunday, May 23, 2010

They're not worthy

So my thinking may be different than some people and what makes sense to me might not make sense to others. But please tell me what you think.

When someone that you call a friend decides to just stop replying to your texts or emails and is ignoring you when in social settings is it up to you to make the effort to see what the issue is? My feeling is that if this person is a friend and they have an issue with you they should be able to talk to you about it. Dont their actions pretty much tell you they dont want to communicate with you? Nothing was ever solved by ignoring someone, so if thats the road they choose then to me their actions say they have no interest in having a relationship with you. I guess this is like what I was talking about in my blog a couple days ago, It just takes time to see someones "true colors" Immature behavior like this is just not something that I need to deal with in my life right now, and I should just be happy that I didnt get too involved with this person.

I have experienced this from two different people in the last month. Oddly (or maybe not so odd) these two people are good friends. Birds of a feather?? Or maybe they feed off of each other? I dont know, and after writing this blog I realize Im much better off without them in my life.

UPDATE!! well after a week of trying unsuccessfully to get a hold of him to get my picnic blanket, he finally contacted me yesterday, but only to once again stick his nose in some business that wasnt his. I had asked him once before to stay out of this thing with my old BFF and I but he was probably already drinking and and that fueled his need to say something to me. His drinking was really the biggest issue in trying to be his friend, he never remembers anything that happens, so you hear the same stories over and over, he gets SO insecure and sensitive. How many times did I have to hear him point to a stranger and say "Hes talking shit about me"!!! He also tries to call you out for making a comment about something that he thinks isnt true, but in reality he just didnt remember it happening. He gets mad and leaves the bar, even if hes the one that drove (hes left me at a bar twice) I already erased his text message from yesterday, I wish I hadnt because it was kind of comical. The very thing he was TRYING to bitch me out for was the very thing he was doing. It was probably the alcohol, but as his new "bestie" said a few weeks ago, "he isn't the brightest thing".

Im so embarrassed about that blog I wrote calling him a friend for life (Ive taken that one down) I will miss the good times we had because there were a few, but he was just a blink of time in my life. I wont be one of the people that hangs out with him JUST because hes always paying for everything. The babysitting I had to do wasnt even worth me going out. I dont need to be out so badly that Ill put up with his drama just for a free drink. I wish him luck and I wish him well, and everyone around him too.
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