Monday, May 24, 2010

Whos that girl?

So yesterday I checked in into my house on Foursquare and I made a comment on that post that said "the only place I wont run into the SWF"

A short time later a now ex friend sent me a nasty text that I have since deleted so I cant remember exactly what it said. (see my last blog post) But basically he was tellin me what a jerk I was for making a comment about my old BFF. Really? did I mention her name in that comment? What would lead him to believe I was talking about her?

You remember the movie Single White Female? where this girl moves in with another girl and sort of takes over her life? She starts dressing like her roommate, befriending all of her friends, going to the same places, making the moves on her boyfriend (before she kills him). This girl basically takes over the other girls life. She cant go anywhere without her roomie being there or having her hand in what she is doing.

What would make him think I was talking about someone in particular? Is this something my old BFF has done or is doing? Does he consider her to be acting like the girl in the movie? I dont know, hes the one that matched my comment to my old BFF so maybe thats what people think??? I guess its a matter of opinion..

Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill.. My old bff doesnt even follow me anywhere on Twitter or on foursquare so she would not have even known about my comment if he didnt make such a big issue over it. So all he did was create DRAMA! If he didnt like it all he had to do was choose to ignore it. As I told him once before he doesnt need to be involved in this.

Something else I learned from someone I dated was if you dont like what I have to say then dont read my stuff. Its as easy as that. And if you dont have the decency to return emails, or reply to text messages you do not have the privilege of spouting off your opinions to me in a text message whenever you feel like it. Thats really poor communication and also very immature.
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