Wednesday, December 16, 2009

With friends like that...

I guess because I was so tired from not sleeping last night I was pretty emotional this morning. I sorta lost it on Twitter. Not AT someone, well unless you count me as someone. I was blaming myself for stuff, questioning my feelings, wondering if it was possible to hate someone and love someone at the same time. It was a short rant but it may have upset some people. I dont mind so much anymore when people "un" friend me on Twitter, Ive done it for various reasons myself sometimes I even follow those people again. But its another thing to block someone on Twitter, that means they dont want you to follow them at all, they dont want you to see their tweets and they dont want to see yours.

Yet another friend of the ex did just that to me today. Oddly enough I thought he and I were friends. He had been very supportive to me in the past while still respecting his other friend (the ex) As recently as this morning he sent me a tweet to check on me. Now Im totally speculating here but I assume he blocked me because of my rant. He made one comment to me about it, not all that negative or harsh. I forgot about it until I wanted to send him a tweet and saw I was blocked.

Thinking back to the last 6 months that I have known him or of him he has done the same or similar thing to 6 people that I personally know (including me) Somehow he pulls people in and out of his life. One day he will cut ya off and the next hes flirting with you again.. I dont get why people allow that. Decide who you are gonna be and stick to it. He would the first one to call you out on your attitude, but try to mention his to him... well lets just say I only made that mistake once.

Im slowly but surely having my feelings about these "people" justified, Im a pretty good judge of character and everything I said or felt about these people is slowly but surely coming to light. I was always told I was too critical or wrong about my thoughts on these people but the proof is in the pudding. And I hate to admit it but it feels good to see all this coming to light. I feel vindicated

My friends to my knowledge have not caused "anyone" any problems or grief. None of my friends have told me they wanted to put the heel of their(military) boot through someones nose. None of my friends let alone 2 (or more) were going back and forth sharing conversations. None of my friends called anyone names or wished them to overdose in an alley. But these are all things AND MORE that I have had to deal with.. Im not saying my friends may not have had these thoughts..but to my knowledge they have been respectful and stayed out of it..

If I didnt have all this bullshit to deal with maybe just maybe Id be over it by now.. God knows im sick and tired of dealing with this still.. It really makes me appreciate my friends even more.

I expect there will be comments made on this blog.. Lets see how many have the balls to put a name behind their words. I had 2 comments on previous blogs abouy one of these "people" unfortunately they used someones last name so I had to delete it out of respect. They were good comments, supporting what I felt. I was disappointed no one got to see them.
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