Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One of the living

Well I think I'm finally back to "normal" and ready to start participating in life again. Yesterday I was watching TV and saw some BAD makeup jobs on people that were on the View.. I thought to myself how in the hell is a makeup artist getting paid to to this? I am a VERY talented makeup artist, I have worked on TV shows, print media, music videos, celebrity clientele, etc. After seeing these sub par makeup jobs I think I'm going to pursue my true passion again. YEP I still have it in me, its the reason I got into the beauty industry, i just got sidetracked by tryin to make a living then thinking I wanted to own my own business for 8 years. Sadly all of my makeup and brushes were stolen by some some drag queen in San Diego that has since moved to another state, so ill be starting from scratch. Ill probably have to get a job doing something I don't love for a while until I get myself established.

It was great to get that feeling yesterday, to feel that I can still be passionate about something that I love. It gives me hope that I will have passion for other things, or even someday that special someone. For now I'm content with where I am at.. One of the living

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