Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Well as you may have guessed I have not been able to sleep at all tonight.

Ive spent the time reading some of my friends blogs, Im new to this blogging thing but im worried that Im going to get bored with it really fast. While reading the blogs of people I know I would go back a year or so or to January 08 and read forward.

Its almost like you could just recycle last years blogs. Its all the same stuff repeated, Meet a guy online, date a guy, hang out with friends, cut back on drinking, break up with the guy, get sick, think too much, bitch about stuff, try to loose the same 20 pounds they talked about losing the year before.

I know for me next year will NOT be a repeat from last year. I plan on learning for my mistakes and applying the lessons to maybe try something new. I guess im glad I started blogging so I can use it as a manual.. of what NOT to do in 2010
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