Thursday, December 31, 2009

...and a HAPPY new year

I dont know bout y'all, but Im ready for this!! 2009 was the worst year of my life.
Im not gonna sit here and dwell on everything or try to justify why I felt the way I did. If you follow my blog, you know why it was the worst year.. OK just in case you dont know. I owned my own skin care salon for 8 years called Skin Deep, well business was bad since the end of 2008 and finally at the end of 2009 I had to close, it was pretty devastating to me, also at the same exact time the only relationship Ive had in 4 years was falling apart. He and I were two completely different people, today i find out he realizes hes been bitter and jaded for the last 2 years.... We were doomed from the beginning, but I was so happy to finally be dating someone I didnt see the warning signs. Now I realize he never was the one for me.

I dont believe in resolutions because it seems that the exact opposite of what we want to happen actually happens. With that said I do have at least one behavior I would like to change.. Expectations, I have such high expectations for people, situations, places, everything. I am a perfectionist and its hard for me to understand why everyone doesn't work as hard as I do at making something "right" as many of you know that usually only leads to disappointment. Im tired of always being disappointed in people and things.. SO I no longer will have expectations of people, places or things. Im gonna be one of those go with the flow type of guys.

One of my wishes for the new year is already coming true.. If you saw my last post you'll be happy to know I was offered a (non paying) job doing makeup for a fashion segment on KUSI this Saturday.. ASK and ye shall receive. YEE HAW BITCHES
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