Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 09

So I got out of the hospital on the 23rd... I was in there for 4 days/5 nights if I say it like that it sounds more like a vacation. I was really hoping the Dr. would change my medication, which they did.. TWICE, only to change it right back to what it was when I went in, so essentially I should be right back where I started. Somehow I do feel better though. Its hard to explain but when Im in the hospital there is no wrong or right, there are no bad choices to be made. And the food honestly isnt that bad. I didnt get too many calls and no visitors while I was there, the phone number I posted was no good and the stupid security guy must have accidentally turned my phone back on cuz the battery was dead the first day I was in. The person I mentioned before that I really wanted to hear from never called or wrote and ignored my text messages too before I went in the hospital. When I got out there was an email from him that said something like "You'll be fine" or something short and not so sweet like that. Cold & Insensitive.. when will I ever learn this??

I woke up the morning of the 24th with a cold. I was REALLY Bummed because I was supposed to go to a great party at my friend Steve's house. The worse thing is I woke up on Christmas morning feeling great!! It would have been fine to be sick Christmas day because I really didnt have too much to do. I didnt go to Moms house because we were having Christmas at my brothers girlfriends house with her family that I doint even know, SO... I woke up early and went to the store, made breakfast, then baked some cupcakes all before 11AM. I watched a couple movies, played with the cat. I feel bad I didnt get the cat anything for Christmas but he didnt get me anything either so whatever.

I finished up the day by going to a party at my friend Josephs house, it was a small gathering with maybe 12 people there, I got to meet some new people and see another friend I havent seen in a long long time.. This CRAZY Tranny named Denise.. God I love her. Shes lookin like a man but feelin ALL woman. Ya gotta love someone that has that kind of confidence. She was crackin me up last night. "Honey if I dont tell myself Im beautiful who will?" "I want people to see me through MY EYES"

Im gonna bake a rum cake to take to another party tonight, My friends Joe & James.. heres a pic of them from the party. Blue Light specials.. the both of them

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