Saturday, June 14, 2014

"Not" Turning My Back to DeMaio.

Sunday July 22nd 2012 issue of the Union Tribune

After a couple of years successfully battling Carl DeMaio's efforts to become elected to public office beginning with a protest at the 2012 Pride parade and an active Facebook page, I have decided to pass the torch to someone else to carry.

The Facebook Page is being managed by Christina MacNeal.
The Turn Your Back to DeMaio protest event I created for Pride in 2012 is being put on by David Lundin, who is some one I dont know.  I hope he does the event bigger and better than Eric Hufford, Jase Watson, and I did.

My decision to drop back from these events are both personal and professional.
After everything I have personally been through since 2012 I no longer have the fight or anger in me to continue with the ugliness of San Diego politics.  The energy can be better spent by me helping others through my volunteer work for other pro active organizations in town  These days Just watching Scandal  or House of Cards satisfies my needs.

Also I have re entered the job market and although I know I cant completely remove my internet past, I thought this was a good place to start.  Im sure I'll still post my opinions, ideas, and advice on occasion but instead of being the leader, ill be standing to the side watching 2 different people take my idea and grow with it.

Ill feel like a proud Papa Bear.
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