Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tijuana Dentist A Great Experience

Many of you have asked me for info about where I am going to get my dental work done, so I decided to just write it all out so it will always be available or you can even share it with some one else that might need it.

Many dental procedures are not covered by insurance, anything considered cosmetic like replacing one tooth isn't a big deal to insurance companies cuz hey ya got 31 more right?

I was refereed to Dr Landeros by my friend Courtney and they have a local 619 number and an English speaking employee that can book you an appointment and give you a very accurate quote over the phone.

The office is immaculate with brand new state of the art equipment, some of the staff including Dr Landeros speak English so you feel very comfortable when things are explained to you.

The way I get there is by the Trolley, it drops you off right at the US side of the border and all you have to do is about a 2 minute walk to get to the other side to where the cabs are waiting.  Make sure you take a yellow cab and ask for a quote before you leave.  It costs me $5 plus a buck or two for the tip.

Getting a cab back to the border is just as easy, the doctors office can either call or you walk a block up the hill to the main street where there are plenty of cabs.  You need to took for a certain two tone color of cab because otherwise you could be sharing it with strangers,   The office will tell you what to look for.

The cab will take you to the border crossing line.  If the line is super long there will be people out there offering to take you to the front of the line for $5.  This is legit, you just have to ask when are you leaving and again how much does it cost?   I had a great experience doing this many times before and a terrible experience once many years ago because it was a LARGE bus they wanted to fill.  Look for the smaller vans.   Last time I went the line wasn't long enough for the vans to be in operation so I just waited in line for about 20-30 minutes.

I don't have a passport, I only have a valid California ID and a CERTIFIED copy of my birth certificate, they may ask you why you don't have a passport, I just told them Im on a limited income and cant afford it. The other couple of times they didn't even say anything.  If you are disabled DONT wait in the disabled line, it goes super slow and the other regular public line goes much faster.

The Name of the dental clinic is  Smile Art TJ (there is a photo of the Mona Lisa on their sign)
Dr Landeros
Phone number is 619-734-2358
I have never had their address, I have only told the cab driver I need to go to Plaza Minarete
near Sams Club and iHop and never had a problem getting there.

Make sure you tell them I sent you cuz I know Im gonna need a lot of dental work in the future, maybe they'll give me a break.

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