Friday, June 20, 2014

All I Have to Do is Dream

Ive had some really strange dreams since I have been on prescription sleep medications. I am usually so comforted when friends and family that have passed come to visit me in my dreams (it happens often)   Many times they make no sense whatsoever and they are just crazy nonsensical dreams.  Often they are fun and leave me feeling good in the morning.

The past 6 months or more I have had trouble sleeping, changing medications often with nothing really working very well.  My Doctor has ordered a sleep study which will be in 2 parts.  One a consultation, then the other where they hook me up to wires and watch me (try) to sleep.

  This past week Ive been  having a lot of angry dreams and last night something began sweet but ended scary for me.  These angry dreams are always with my mother, as most of you know my mother meant the world to me, so these angry, argument filled dreams are very bothersome to me.

But last night in my dreams at one point I was in bed and there was this thing, a voice, a cloudy mist gently pulling me out of my bed and started to cradle me.  I figured it was my mother,  I was at such peace, then all of a sudden something dark and i can only describe as evil ran across the room and I was dropped back onto my bed and that's when I suddenly woke up and then sat straight up scaring Mr Kitty out of his sleep and out of the room.  I was actually scared to go back to sleep because many times my dreams pick up right where they left off.

I really want to learn more about the meaning of dreams, but when these dreams are powered by medication its difficult to know how authentic they truly are.

So Im sure I'll have a nice nap at some point before therapy today.
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