Saturday, January 9, 2010

Twitter, Validation, Turning 41

Ive been sick for a while with a cold or sinus infection or something.. So ive been spending a lot of time on Twitter. I'm "meeting" some really interesting people on there. Some sexy mo-fos and some sweethearts that ive even emailed and one guy even called me and left me a message ( i kept it and listen to it occasionally) LOL

The other day on Twitter a strange thing happened, I was chatting with this guy and when I looked at his time line I saw that he was also talking with the ex at the same time. Now only being able to see one side of the conversation I could tell they were talking about me. As usual the ex was being his hidden secretive self and asking the guy to DM him (private message) I sent the ex a text and told him to quit talking shit about me, he replied being defensive. In the past he just ignored my text messages when Im trying to be nice or friendly, answering this one tells me he likes the drama. He said he wasnt talking shit blah blah blah. But my question is why even bring up my name? huh? WHY? Maybe you werent talking shit but why was I even brought up? The guy that we were chatting with also told me that it was the ex that brought my name up first and he thought it was odd that he would do so? I got angry for awhile because Ive been doin really good and I dont need any setbacks. I know I allow it to happen but im workin on that. Im feeling a lot stronger and validated when I see that some of the friends of his of which I spoke (the flaky one) has started blocking other friends for no valid reason and is back to his old ways of being flaky to his supposed best friend. Its just validation for my feelings and thoughts I made months ago about this person.

Im gonna be 41 in a couple of days, Im feelin weird about that for some reason. Im not really feeling "old" but 41 means i am IN my 40s not just 40 anymore.. dumb I know. I think my feelings of sadness about turning 40 are because im still alone..
SIGH, so far this year hasn't turned out to be too great, ive been sick most of the time. I really wanted to go somewhere out of town for my birthday, like San Francisco or Vegas or somewhere fun, I havent been out of town for a LONG time. I need to get out of San Diego soon,...

LASTLY does anyone know what "THAT" is of which Meatloaf speaks? I cant think of anything I wouldnt do for love.
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