Wednesday, January 13, 2010

41 years old and still havin a good time

The Birthday started out great, I was stayin at Moms house for a couple days so I woke up and had Breakfast Birthday Cake

Then I took a nice bath in the jacuzzi tub

Soon after I arrived home from moms I hightailed it over to Baja Bettys for some Birthday cocktails! here I am with Mi Amigo Paco

Then my Best Girl and Heidimomma showed up, then the fun REALLY started, silly hats, penis balloons and more drinks!

After Baja Bettys we went to Babycakes for a cupcake and coffee.. I went home for about an hour then headed out to Urban Mos to meet up with a friend I dont get to see to often, Kirk is workin 2 jobs right now and workin out at the gym and workin it in general.. He ate dinner while I had a couple black lemonades... Those things really kick my ass!! We chatted about "stuff" a short time. I really like Kirk, he is one of the sweetest guys Ive had the pleasure of getting to know.. Hes a busy guy but I hope I get to hang out with him again soon!

SO THEN.. I headed out to Pecs....OMG I dont even know what happened then, oh wait yes I do, I ran into some Facebook friends. Christopher V. and I chatted for a while.
as I was standing there talking to Christopher I heard the guy behind me introduce himself and i recognized his name as a facebook friend ive never met before Chris C. Hes got some killer tattoos and y'all know how much I love tattoos! WOOF
Chris C. was talking to this other guy that was also sporting some nice ink.. and he was HOT, I dont remember his name but if anyone knows this hot bearded daddy...HOOK ME UP!!
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