Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Attention all drag queens!! Man your battle stations!!

I just got off the phone with someone directly involved in this mess, his confidence and clarity in this is inspiring to me. If you arent familar with whats going on read it here Pride Mess or here More of a mess than we thought then read of the arrogant reply from SD Pride Board of Directors

This isnt the first time I have been down on an organization in San Diego, there was a time when The Center was a mess, and now its a thriving organization that serves the entire community. I have faith that the existing board of directors of San Diego Pride will do the right thing so that this town hall meeting on Sunday doesn't turn into a witch hunt or "barn burning" Do the right thing!! Your actions have already cost this community two talented and wonderfully dedicated individuals. Jeffrey Redondo and Ken St. Pierre have handled themselves 100 times better than the BOD of SD Pride.

I have so many more thoughts about this situation, but im trying not to get myself too worked up over it. I will attend the meeting on Sunday and hopefully voice my opinion. SD Pride belongs to this community, and it needs to directed by people that CARE about the entire community.
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