Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stuff & Nonsense

I had a great night tonight.. Went to Pecs and had SOOO many guys flirting with me I felt like I was back in the 90's. My day didnt start out so great, my ex decided to reply to an email i sent him yesterday. Of course it was negative and he reflected his hate back onto me. I could go on and on but basically it was started off with me posting a supportive comment on his blog that he deleted??? Here is what I posted "Sharing your thoughts and feelings with others allows you to forge meaningful relationships. There can be no true bond when two people have closed themselves off from one another. When you reveal yourself to another, however, any chasm that separates you is bridged by intimacy. This can be difficult at first, but it is emotionally fulfilling to relate to others in an intimate way. Revealing yourself to another person brings you closer together and your authentic connection gives you a common ground upon which to grow your relationship. Your willingness to share your thoughts and feelings today will help you find greater intimacy with others. This was in response to his blog that he was complaining about his friends flaking on him calling him confusing blah blah blah Maybe Im wrong? but he deleted the comments I made??? Ive tried to build a bridge, Ive tried to be friendly, by sending him texts at Christmas when I knew he was spending it alone and also on New Years Day too.. but he shuts me down at every turn.. Thats his prerogative of course, but its not what Im used to... I am friends with every man I have ever dated until now. I have tried and tried with him.. Most of his friends are cool with me. As recently as tonight one of his friends that he was hangin out with this past weekend gave me hugs and said how happy he was I was doing better. Why cant he be as "good" with me as his friends are? There have been a few friends of his that have deleted me from Facebook and Blocked me on Twitter.. Oddly enough none of my friends have done that to him.. I never thought of him as immature but I guess my good intuition was wrong for once. His desire to have the last word even extended into his last blog post stating how HE HAS CONTROL over the comments that are made on his blog.... As i type this i realize how ridiculous my blog is about this situation.. but not as ridiculous as stating "RULES" about the comments that are allowed on my blog... that of course is my opinion AND as he said, If that isn't something you agree with, please, feel free to unlink me and move along.

I dont know where Im going with this post... Ive been out drinking and having fun all night.. thats my excuse..
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