Monday, August 4, 2014

The Funny & Hypocritical Things We Do When We Lose Tolerance by Shannon L. Adler

10 Funny Things People “SHOULD NOT DO” When Dealing With People They Don’t Like:

1. You passive aggressively ignore them, in order to feel like you have a sense of control over the situation. While you feel gleeful for your false sense of intelligence, you don’t realize that person never left your mind, and they actually have control over you because you’re still angry. In the end, you end up being the one that is being controlled and looks silly.

2. You point out all their flaws to your friends and want to expose their character to the world. Yet, you believe that anyone of good character will overlook your own flaws because Christ, Buddha or any other head of your theology was the type of person that taught revenge---NOT!

3. You use the power of religion to do your hating for you. You enjoy the fact that bad Karma is coming their way and rejoice in it. Alternatively, you let your ego rejoice in the thought that God loves humbling people for you, by punishing them with a great tragedy. In the process, you sin or bring bad Karma on yourself (regardless of theology), for being a hateful beotch and wanting their demise.

4. You have to prove to them that you are better, by spending your time in accomplishing a project that will say, “Hey, look at me. Nanny Nanny boo boo. I am cooler than you.” Of course, when you don’t get the reaction you want, after spending so much time in your vengeance, you fall into a deep depression that wastes more time.

5.You resort to categorizing people, in order to feel a false sense of self worth. You enjoy labeling people as bad, worse, fake or evil. Yet, while you are doing this, you are teaching this to your children (the cycle continues) and of course, someone is going to do it to them. In addition, when you’re 90 years old and are paranoid and bitter from always trying to “one up” everyone, the nursing staff will label you also. You will be the mean patient that is left on the bedpan forever because no one wants to be around a judgmental old goat.

6. You pick on all the pretty people in the world to make you feel better for the looks you don’t feel like you possess. All pretty people have to be stupid or shallow, right? You ignore their degrees, education, accomplishments, charity work, contributions, and the work it took to get there. It must have been handed to them because they were pretty—ya right.

7. You believe that telling all your church friends how evil and fake someone is will make you look like a spiritual giant in their eyes. Then you don’t communicate with the person or offer them any compassion. Instead, you harass, stalk, demean and gossip about them to make you feel better.  You believe seeking to understand or have empathy is optional in this world because---"Why would I ever want to learn the lesson of forgiveness, compassion or communication to resolve conflicts? This is how I always do things and it really has been working for me—NOT!"

8. You develop a twisted theology that believes other people’s bad karma validates your worth, or that Christ wins because he is eager to punish people that hurt you because you believe your righteousness can be validated or vindicated by other people’s failures. In essence, you have incorporated your hatred into a twisted theological view on justice, that doesn’t make sense.

9. You believe that you don’t owe anyone an apology when he or she apologizes to you because you are the victim, and anything you do in retaliation is justified, by God. You actually believe that God will forgive you, when you don’t reach out to others that ask for compassion. Nor, do you believe you are required by God to offer them an apology for your hatred. In the end, you become the fake person you tried to destroy.

10. You don't allow people of spiritual influence to say or do anything less than the words they preach because they have to maintain freedom from sin 24/7. You actually believe that wisdom comes from healed pain and stupidity can’t be repeated by the wise. Thus, not realizing that wisdom comes whenever it wants—before, after or during trials. Therefore, you conveniently choose not to remember that God works through your enemies, even when they are not perfect, because he doesn’t see them as your enemy--you do. He has a plan for them, but it doesn’t involve you pushing them to the brink of suicide or defaming their life, in order to give you a false sense of worth, value, happiness or control. 
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