Saturday, August 23, 2014

Weather Report Says...Dark & Gloomy

Wow it's only 7:30 AM and I already have this huge cloud of sadness hanging over my head.  Im trying to think of something to comfort me but I just cant help but to think the day is going to get a little more bleak, the rest of the week isn't looking very sunny for me either.

My friend Nicole's cat died last week, my dear friend Doug died the following day.  Today is Doug's Celebration of Life at his church.   Tuesday will be the 2 year anniversary of my mothers death, then on Thursday another day of remembrance for Doug at one of his favorite eating/drinking establishments.  "A Toast to Doug" at Urban Mo's here in San Diego.

It's difficult to explain how I feel,  it' almost like butterflies, but not the good kind.  My stomach is kind of twisted in knots.  I'm stuck somewhere between not having a desire to eat at all, or going to Home Town Buffet to GRAZE.

Nicole MIGHT go to Doug's memorial with us... He really liked Doug and made it a point to always strike up a conversation with him.  and Nicole LOVES Hometown Buffet so we'll see what happens later.

Im just grateful I recognize these feelings, and that I feel comfortable enough to share them instead of keeping them bottled up inside.

I just want to get through this week with more happy feelings than sad.  That's my one goal for the week.

As always, thanks for letting me vent and share.
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