Monday, May 5, 2014

They call him Mr Tiggs

Tiggs is about a year old in this picture.
He used to love wearing his tie on special occasions

I was "dating" a guy for awhile that was concerned because I spent so much time alone, one day he asked me if I liked cats, the next day he brought me a surprise!   It took awhile to choose a name for him, so I chose the name Tiggs, because he has so many stripes like a tiger.  But I usually only call him Tiggs when he is in trouble.  I always call him Mr Kitty, or Boo Boo Kitty, Itty Bitty, but mostly Mr Kitty.

I have had cats in the past when I was young, but I've also had almost every kind of animal you could think of.  I don't consider myself a cat or a dog person, i think of myself as an animal person. But for the living arrangements I have had over the last several years a cat is the best choice for now.

I know it must seem odd or even a bit "scary" for me to be writing a blog about my cat, but he gives me so much joy everyday.  He knows when Im feeling down so he cuddles up right next to me.  He also annoys the hell out of me when Im watching TV or playing on the computer he gets right in front of me, walking across the laptop keyboard.  He will be 6 years old on January 13th.  The day after my birthday.  I assigned him that day when the vet guesstimated how old he was.  He still loves to play with his kitty toys and of course the laser light. He has always been an indoor cat but when we would stay at Mom's house he was allowed outside on the golf course early in the AM with supervision.  Since we moved here to a house he has gotten out a few times, just cruising around in the back yard.  One late night he knocked down the screen door and another cat got in and they were fighting.  Tiggs kicked his ass!.

One of our trips to "grandmas"house

Mom  always felt so comforted by Tiggs (she always called him Tiggs)  She loved it when he would sleep at the foot of her bed during the day.  And of course she spoiled him by giving him so many treats.
When Mom died he jumped up on the bed and just looked at her for a couple of minutes.

My grandmother made this
 blanket, and its his favorite

I honestly cant imagine what my life would be like without him.  The truth is I am a very lonely person, but seeing him standing by the door when I come home, or just following me around the house makes me realize I am also very important to him.  My friend picked him out for me out of a litter of 6 I think, he said I just thought he had a good personality to match yours.  He was exactly right.  He's pretty mellow most of the time but he likes to run around and have fun every morning.

He "made" an opening in the blinds at our old place so he could sit in the window

He likes to lay in bed and contemplate life like his daddy.

Out of all the dozens of animals I have had 
over the years, I feel most connected to Tiggs.
I just wish he could learn to clean his own litter box.

We obviously have the sane taste in men.
Glow in the dark Kitty

My beautiful baby boy

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